Monday, November 26, 2012

Recording, releases etc.

We have started recording the 10 songs for the "Language of Violence" LP coming out on Rock n Roll Disgrace Records. Those of you who enjoyed our "no frills" demo will surely be disappointed by this record since it will have a 10% increase in frills.

Our demo will be getting the vinyl treatment courtesy of Attack Records in France. The record will include a 4th song from the demo sessions that I hadn't written lyrics for. It will be a 1 time limited press of 300 copies.

Both records should be out in early '13 but who the hell knows. If anyone is holding things up, it's probably us.

Every asshole with a half cocked conspiracy or a death wish has claimed that the world will end next month. If the world doesn't end, this video is proof that it should.

We need a new bubonic plague

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