Monday, November 26, 2012

Recording, releases etc.

We have started recording the 10 songs for the "Language of Violence" LP coming out on Rock n Roll Disgrace Records. Those of you who enjoyed our "no frills" demo will surely be disappointed by this record since it will have a 10% increase in frills.

Our demo will be getting the vinyl treatment courtesy of Attack Records in France. The record will include a 4th song from the demo sessions that I hadn't written lyrics for. It will be a 1 time limited press of 300 copies.

Both records should be out in early '13 but who the hell knows. If anyone is holding things up, it's probably us.

Every asshole with a half cocked conspiracy or a death wish has claimed that the world will end next month. If the world doesn't end, this video is proof that it should.

We need a new bubonic plague

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Demo, show and bullshit

Bleeding Edges release of our demo is out and being sent out to the following stores/distros:
Grave Mistake Records
Vinyl Conflict Records
Sorry State Records
Backwash Records
Feel It Records
Hardware Records
Gardens Collective
Sick People Records

Please support these folks who are carrying the demo. If they sell out, Jeff BE might still have some. After you've exhausted those options, contact us. These look and sound about 50x better than our version so if you own our version, upgrade.

We are playing tomorrow night in the lovely Mill City. Known for being one of the birth places of the US labor movement, home to famous beat poet Jack Kerouac and boxer "Irish" Mickey Ward ('The Fighter'), did you also know that has both a trolley car museum AND a quilt museum?? It should be renamed 'Thrill City'!! Lowell is more than douchebag bars and Puerto Rican and Cambodian gangs and you can experience all the drugs Appleton Street has to offer tomorrow night when we share the floor with our friends MFP, Peacebreakers and Dry Hump. This show will sell out. Not necessarily because it'll be awesome (it will be) but because it's limited capacity. Show up early and hang out with the Lowellifes at Cappy's Copper Kettle. It's people watching at it's finest.

We are not a political band and have no intentions of ever being viewed as one. However, we would like to address the importance of the upcoming presidential election. As we are all aware, our political system is nauseatingly fraudulent. Next month, millions of people will be going to the polls and casting their votes for Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dumb expecting that somehow we will be in better shape in 4 years than we are now. The reality is, we have been throwing our votes away for years and it's time for us to cast a vote that really matters.
That's why OBLIVIONATION is officially endorsing Goldman Sachs for Supreme Corporate Overlords of the United States of America. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What little might be happening...

...I'll post here. 

Our demo tape is just about sold out. It looks like this:

We only made 50 copies but Jeff from Bleeding Edges will be doing 200 copies. Anyone interested in wholesale should get in touch with him

Only playing one more show this year because Evicci is gone for all of November and December. 

                             DRY HUMP


MFP (ex Mind Eraser, Righteous Jams)
Bob Belmonte is going to kick the shit out of your nachos.